The Modern Salad: my first book is live!

Soup and salad.  To some, these are staple, health-focused foods.  To me, they’re also a way to test a cook’s culinary ingenuity.  Few foods offer the same blank canvas allowing true creative expression.  When taken one step further and inspired by an iconic, time-honored dish such as the Burmese tea leaf salad, the potential for creativity only grows deeper.


Watermelon, Farro + Grilled Halloumi Salad with Pink Peppercorn Vinaigrette

In the heat of summer, it’s no wonder why watermelon graces almost every table. It is refreshingly sweet and intoxicatingly juicy.  In this dish, the ultra-salty grilled halloumi cheese, made from a combination of goat and sheep’s milk and originating from Cyprus, and floral notes from the pink peppercorns temper the sweetness while still allowing the star ingredient, luscious watermelon, to shine.