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I am a Functional HEALTH strategist, author, and chef With an Insatiable desire to create innovative, high-Impact SOLUTIONS Enabling human beings to thrive. 

The intersection of food, science, technology, and innate wellness has always fascinated me.  Raised in a family full of inspired cooks and culinary entrepreneurs, the world of food became my home at an early age. The kitchen was quickly understood as a place of kinship, social agreement and, ultimately, the epicenter of well-being.  

After completing my undergraduate degree, I moved to San Francisco and took, what seemed at the time, a detour into technology.  Working closely with the founders of emerging technology companies in human capital and executive development, I found myself chasing the "more is more" mentality like everyone around me.  Eventually, I experienced my own form of entrepreneur burnout which lead me back to my roots in food.

Reinventing my health from the ground up took time.  From that experience, I became a strong advocate for biochemical individuality (an individual's innate metabolic makeup and nutrient needs) and nutrigenomics (the way food interfaces with a person's genes) as I witnessed how impactful a highly-personalized approach to health can be.  

The custom programs I create support founders, entrepreneurs, and executives to maintain a steady, upward trajectory via nutrient therapy and lifestyle recalibration.

I've competed on Next Food Network Star and have been featured in James Beard Foundation's, JBF Notes.  My contributions have been included on mindbodygreen,, Prevention Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Edible Publications, Slow Food, as well as local SF Bay Area newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations.  My first book, The Modern Salad, released in August 2016.

I hold a BA in Media Arts/Digital Media and a MS in Health and Nutrition Education. 


In addition to wellness coaching, I am available for recipe/concept development, writing, workshops, RETREATS, speaking ENGAGEMENTs, and private events.

While based in the San Francisco Bay Area, projects and clients worldwide are of interest to me.


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