It takes time to learn - or remember - how to be attracted to what's good for us.

The world is a noisy place right now. 

Among the many competing health messages and responsibilities in modern life, it is easy to veer off course when it comes to our well-being. 

When our health does becomes imbalanced, our resources are often limited within the existing medical system. 

This is where our work begins.   


As an advocate for dynamic FOUNDERS, ENTREPRENeURS, and Executives, I create highly-effective, custom wellness roadmaps to optimize vitality, balance, and peak performance. 


As an investment in yourself, we will focus on the root cause of imbalance and fine-tune your biology.  

At the core, we'll utilize organic whole food and high-quality bioavailable supplementation, adaptogenic botanicals, herbs, vitamins and minerals. 

We will also assess and recalibrate your environment, gastrointestinal system, stress response, mitochondrial health, exercise patterns, sleep hygiene, and physical/mental performance capabilities.  


this SIMPLE framework Can sustainably reBalance and Optimize health at the root LAYER.


I work with clients anywhere in the world via phone, video, and/or live sessions. 

After an initial "Discovery" session that typically runs 90 minutes, our sessions will be 60 minutes.  

Customized packages are available for organizations, corporations, and individuals. These include a combination of in-person sessions and video consultations.  

Typically, I work with new clients over a period of 3-6 months initially.  This develops a defined framework and a high likelihood of sustainable progress going forward.  We can then extend our agreement at any time.

Individual and corporate rates vary depending upon the scope of the work. 


When we prioritize our well-being, our relationships, creativity, productivity, decision-making, happiness set point, and sense of purpose improve immensely.




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