Vibrant, Exhilarating Food

It doesn’t get much better than that.  Contradictions of flavor, texture, color, and temperature come together to create food that’s not only complex and nutrient-dense but is, ultimately, beyond exciting to eat.

Starting with whole, high-quality ingredients is the first step:  grass-fed and organic meat, wild seafood, fresh organic vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses, spices, herbs, teas, roots, nuts, and seeds.  From there, I love to draw inspiration from around the globe.

A Collision of Cuisines

Merging culinary traditions has the potential to immediately transport us to any corner of the world.  It also allows us to view the world through a different lens and sit at the fringe of multiple cultures simultaneously.

When various cuisines collide, an undeniable distortion initially occurs.  The true beauty is found when the flavors realign and a new form of order, perhaps something even better, is discovered.


Merging Food + Culture

When I'm not in the kitchen working on a new recipe or concept, I'm immersed in writing about food, culture, travel, and holistic wellness. Other times, when life seems to be rigged in my favor, I may be traveling and drawing deep inspiration from a culture's hidden culinary and wellness gems.  You can also find me working side-by-side with a wellness client or completely engaged in a barre or yoga pose.

To learn more about my background and/or to say hello, please visit the Bio + Connect page.